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I was barely 21years old and a fourth year student of engineering when I joined my networking company.

I had no knowledge of how to run the business but with a strong vision of the man i wanted to become after graduation, and scared stiff of not getting my dream job immediately, I knew I had to keep my mind open.

I didn't want to continue to depend on my parents after school. I had big dreams of becoming an Aliko Dangote in my own rights 😜

When I joined, I only saw a platform where I could own a share by just partnering with them and work my way up to earn 6/7figures weekly🤔. (What I see today, keeps blowing my mind)

I ask how?

Just by buying products of your choice up to a certain amount depending on your desired entry level and then build a network of product users, I was told.

Simply put, buy your daily need products, tell others about it and as they buy, the company pays me weekly commission


That is easy I thought... At least I could finally own a share🕺🕺. And I so likeeed the idea of WEEKLY commission.

So as a young guy, while my mates were looking for where to spend their money (Flexing), I was saving mine to partner with this Company...

Finally I did 💪

I started and for two years I was unstable (I was going through a transformation).... I also needed to pay attention to my school work.

My peer's didn't believe in me but my Upline did 👏👏 .... Then i realised it wasn't easy to be like Dangote by just lazing about it or making excuses🤣....So i began to pay closer attention to what I was being taught and what other professionals were doing.

I read Gopro by Eric Worre and that became my turning point.

By this time, I had graduated and almost done with NYSC. But the vision remained the same.

I went to work.


And this year 2018, I have 10xed my team... I have successfully nurtured and built a team in other African countries...South African, Zambia, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe and counting....All thanks to my super grand upline🙌🏽🙌🏽

We do not underestimate the power of team work.

Some people who thought it was a scam are still waiting while others are now paying closer attention. And I keep growing🕺🕺

I thank God for the Grace to keeping moving🙏🙏🙏

The process is definitely more important than the result. I followed the process and results came.

I have changed my mindset and I am a better person...It is an entrepreneurship journey that's worth the hustle💪 . I have discovered abilities in me I didn't even know I had.

I will be twenty four years old by 13th of October and the journey has just begun for me.


I will be going on an all expense paid trip to Kenya later this year. Courtesy of my Company of course.🛫🛫*😱🤩 We would be launching the one Africa, One dream Vision as we officially open up the Kenyan market.

Yes, it has started happening for me.
Even my parents have not believed me yet. ..Lol

The fourth international trip promo for the year has just been released.

Guess the destination? Tanzania/ Dubai 🛫🛫

Anyone can be on this trip. The race just started on Monday,17th Sept.....You could be part of this trip even if you join today.

All you have to do is believe in yourself and follow my footsteps to jump ⛷some mistakes....Its just a strategy, focus and hard work.

So I ask, would you like to earn weekly?
Learn great entrepreneurial skills even while you have a 9 to 5?

There is no age barrier either. So even if you are a retiree or about to retire, you have a great opportunity here.


Buzz me and lets get started today! +2348065567941

I am Anthony Ezeoke (Tonyrich). An Engineer and a network marketing professional.


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