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Longrich Compensation Plan

Longrich is Multi-level marketing (MLM) business in which the sales force is compensation not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other sales person they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline” and can provide multiple levels of compensation. Other terms used for MLM include network marketing, and referral marketing.


Many pyramid schemes attempt to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses. According to the U.S Federal Trade commission (FTC), some MLM companies constitute illegal pyramid scheme which exploit members of the organization.

MLM is one type of direct selling. Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. MLM salespeople not only sell the company’s products but also encourage others to join the company as a distributor.

Multi-level marketing is amazing. It’s the only form of business that offers a level playing field. In other words, anyone can become successful in this industry. And the best is that others have already blazed the trail of success, so you just have to look at what they’ve done and follow suit. There are things you’ll hear over again as the principles to success in MLM. Here are the top five:

Be coachable.
Develop your dreams, goals and objectives.
Be consistently persistent.
Make a million friends.


Our Freedom Plan


Our plan is simple. We are here to help you build your home business as an entrepreneur, make residual income and connect you to God's divine plan and purpose for your life.


This is an advanced and powerful compensation plan which offers greater profitability.
It eliminates the pitfalls, drawback and weakness of traditional network marketing systems. It will propel you toward Financial Freedom. The beauty is that there is no registration fee, just buy products worth the amount of the level you want to start with, and that’s it, you become a member of a multinational company offering an amazing home based business.



Entry levels for Nigerians

Entry levels for Nigerians

1. Using the price list, choose products worth the entry level PV (Product Value) of your choice as shown below.


Membership Entry Level      
 S/N  Entry Levels  Qualification  Ranking  Amount  percentage
 1  Platinum VIP  1680 PV  Diamond 2   NGN 750, 000  12% + 1% GS
 2   Platinum  720PV  Diamond 1   NGN 320,000  12%
 3  Gold  240PV  Pre-Diamond   NGN 120,000  10%
 4  Silver  120PV  Pre-Diamond   NGN 65,000  8%
 5  QSilver  60PV   Pre-Diamond   NGN 30,000  8%
 6  Combo  4PV   Pre-Diamond   NGN 9,800 N/A 


2. Calculate the equivalent amount using the price list and pay the exact amount into the Longrich account.
Acct Name: Longliqi Int'l Nig
Acct no = 1012908177
Bank = Zenith Bank

3. Send evidence of payment to any approved stockist via What Sapp or e-mail. Your contact can help with the information on available stockists.

4. You can also send these information for registration to the stockists or go with them for registration and product pick-up


Applicant's Name:
Phone no:
Date of birth:
Name of bank:
Account holders name:
Acct no:

5. After registration, you will be given your unique membership no for login. Please go to www.logliqicn.cn to login.


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