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Longrich officially launched in Zimbabwe

Longrich officially in Zimbabwe

Longrich is an MLM company that was just officially lunched in Zimbabwe, it's an exciting and rich business opportunity that has grown globally, but is new here. Longrich specializes in home-care, skin care, health supplements and personal care. It’s only in five African countries, and was launched in South Africa in November 2013 - that was when Longrich came to Southern Africa. This year 2018 February precisely 27th it was officially lunched in Zimbabwe. Longrich has expanded to Kenya and Botswana and also looking to gain ground in Zambia, Malawi and Namibia by the end of this 2018. Hence the faster one joins, the greater amount of money you make.
You need to use about 150usd -440 usd (depends on which package you start off with), to order your stock of Longrich products worth point values (PV). That way you become a member and are entitled to all bonuses and travel and car incentives, cash incentives and promotions. Joining fee is really zero USD as you get to purchase the goods, sell them at 15% profit and get your money back while at the same time accumulating points within the company. The higher your points, the higher your bonuses become and the higher your member status - which means more incentives (car, travel & house). You also have the flexibility of selecting the range of products you specifically want.

It is network marketing with a difference as this one, unlike most MLM companies, is based on working together as a team and selecting which products you want to sell. With Longrich, you never have to work alone, you get so much support from your team - and do presentations together -

In Zimbabwe, as its new there are approximately 90 distributors, its really still very early stage Longrich needs teamleaders to take this rich opportunity to all towns and cities in Zimbabwe.

This opportunity is only for serious investors as we combine both Zim and Bots, so whoever joins now stands to benefits from all countries. Our members who joined, and are determined, motivated and hardworking are already earning bonouses on a weekly basis - you have to be determined, driven & hungry for prosperity to succeed. if that describe you - Longrich is the business for you. You can know about longrich company by navigating to the company's profile

If you are seriously interested please link up with Tony on +2348065567941 via whatsapp or drop your mail/number on our live chat and he will be glad to assist you.



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