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Longrich testimony by Somto Amobi

Let me Tell You A story.

My Name is Somto Amobi, Last Year July 2017, I was really sick, I had gone to the hospital and they had conducted so may tests on me, I was diagnosed with ulcer, typhoid, malaria and every rubbish you could ever think of. But one of the ailments that struck me most was something called PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), now this came as a shocker to both myself and my doctor because prior to his I had conducted tests for STIs and STDs as well, and I was clean, so she placed me on antibiotics for the pain around my pelvis and the watery discharge I was having, believe you me I couldn't walk, due to the pains, I was always wearing a pad, for the watery discharge. Also, prior to this I had an Irregular Period and as such, my flow in one cycle was not consistent.

Few Days Later, my Period Started, and as usual the flow was inconsistent. It bothered me really, but I was too Sick to let another issue weigh me down.

Long Story Short, I wokeup one morning and saw my friend upload pictures of some products for a company called Longrich and how u could earn from making use of these products. Being a Youth Corper who needed an extra source of income, I quickly chatted up and made enquiries, that same day we came to register, and I was taken to see Mrs. Ahaoma Mbadiwe-Maduforo, she further explained somethings to me and I openly told her about my menstrual issues, there and then she gave me a pad to go Change in her toilet, which I did, and also did water therapy with the anion strip.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bled for 10days straight, with so much clotted blood, at some point I was scared, but when the pain around my pelvis stopped, I knew I was fine, and now my flow in every cycle is consistent, as we speak.

I'm not just all about making the money, there's my health to be thankful for. But if Longrich could change my story, yours is but a small issue. I know there's someone around you who has a problem, tell them there's a solution for them, with our wide range of products, they'll be fine, Plus they could still earn from using these products, I mean Health + Money = Good Life, Better Future. What more could anyone ask for?

My Name is Somto Amobi, I am Longrich Advocate, and a Globe Taker at that. This is my Story, What is yours?? and are you willing to change it??

What health issues do you currently have? longrich is here to help you out. It’s all about switching over to a new brand of product and that is all.

We also have opportunity for only serious investors as we take over the world of cosmetics/ household items so whoever joins now stands to benefits from all countries. Our members who joined, and are determined, motivated and hardworking are already earning bonuses on a weekly basis - you have to be determined, driven & hungry for prosperity to succeed. If that describe you - Longrich is the business for you. You can know about Longrich Company by navigating to the company's profile.

If you are seriously interested please link up with Tony on +2348065567941 via whatsapp or drop your mail/number on our live chat and he will be glad to assist you.



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