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We recently carried out a survey in some chat rooms to find out which Longrich product is the people’s favourite. Here is a collation of the feedback:

Aidee: The panty liner is my bullet proof against infections, the toothpaste took care of my bleeding gum and gives me fresh breath round the clock.

Charity: My favorites are the.Soap it takes Care of My stubborn.pimples, gives me.a. sweet.sixteen.look. My paste relieves pain from.varicose vein

Yewande: My favourite Longrich products is d body cream makes my body clean and fresh.

Efusola: My favourite Longrich product is the antiperspirant dew. Keeps me dry all day long and doesn't give my clothes any sweaty odour.

Funmilayo: The toothpaste, antiperspirant and the pad it helps to eliminate rashes and infection

Zacchaeus: The toothpaste helps to prevent tooth aches /decay and mouth odours that's my favourite L0ngrich product

Olabisi: My favourite Longrich product is the PANTIE LINER

Margaret: My favorite Longrich products is Longrich bar soap and Roll on. I feel refreshed after each bath and the Roll on keep me fresh all day by preventing sweaty odour.

Chioma: My Favorite is the toothpaste, it helps in freshens the breath and whitens the teeth.

Nicholas: My favorite Longrich is toothpaste it kills all black spot in my face

Lizzy: My favourite products are Berry oil, which brings out my beauty from within, keeps me youthful and also takes care of my sight. And the panty liner which not only keeps me free from infection but also takes care of my hip bone and ankle pains.

Jenny: I love the mosquito repellent, the fragrance wonderful and each time i use it, i sleep like a baby and no mosquito music is heard. The shampoo is excellent, it doesn't only clean my hair to the roots, it keeps my hair silky. Excellent products i must confess.

Blessing: I love the sanitary pad and toothpaste. The pad saved me from cramps and pad rash while the toothpaste saved me from bleeding gum and tartar.

Bukola: My favourite products- Calcium rejuvenates me after menstruation and the handcream has been softening my hands gradually.

Mayowa: In my family, Longrich toothpaste has eliminated bad breath in both young and old. The panty liner keeps me fresh, dry and expels old blood from my system.

Bunmi: My favourite product is the panty liner I stopped having boils in my private part after 10 days of using it and the repellent also works wonders on my kids.

Mute: The best product is the mosquito repellant it works like a charm. I have never regretted using it. The next is the panty liner followed by the sanitary pads (purple), and the cup.

Sil: My testimony is on the pantyliner I used notice small boils on my private part about two times or more in a month. But since I started using the longrich pantyliner it stooped completely. Again I gave it free to my aunties when I traveled home two months ago and them all testimonies from using it.

Busayo: My doctor said my episiotomy will take about a month to heal but Longrich pantyliner speed up the healing process, and within two weeks, I was completely healed. Longrich pantyliner is my go-to product for speeding up healing process and preventing infection.

Inemesit: Good morning house. My favourite is the toothpaste because it treated my son's mouth odour. The second is the sanitary pads because it’s been breaking the fibroids inside me.

Phoebe: My favourite Longrich products are: Pi cup and roll-on. Pi cup because since I started using it, I don't complain of acidity anymore. Roll-on because it keeps me fresh all day.

JoyRich: My favorite product are toothpaste and sanitary pad. The toothpaste healed my brother in-laws gum inflammation and my husband's toothache. With the sanitary pad, no more dysmenorrhea and stains during monthly period. All the people I recommended it to keep asking for more.

Zyna: My favorite products are the Panty Liner and the Pi Cup. Panty liner took care of my painful menstrual and ovulation pains and the Pi Cup took care of my ulcer of many years.

Olatunde: My favorite products are the toothpaste and the pi-cup, the toothpaste performs wonders in my mouth, it keeps the my mouth refresh all day, and the cup gives me strength

Amina: My favorite Longrich product is the mouth freshener because with it, I dissed my inhaler away. No single attack since I joined Longrich!!! God punish Asthma where Longrich dey

Blessing: My favorite: Toothpaste bc, usual tooth shock vanished. 2. Panty liner given to a friend. Met ha yesterday, she gave kudos to L. R. And signing up next week.

Tina: My favourite Longrich product is the toothpaste. It takes care of my tooth issues and still does...

Amaka: My most favourite product is the shampoo, it took care of my stubborn dandruff.

Secondly the panty liner, it gives me a comfy feeling outside my home.

Chika: My favourite Longrich products are the sanitary napkin and the mouth fresher cos with the sanitary napkin its been goodbye to menstruation pains and with the mouth fresher its been goodbye to sore throats.

Judy: My favorite longrich products are the coffee, coffee makes me have a sound sleep, wine. (odegwu) Wine makes me energetic and active and the panty linermy bullet proof protects me from all kinds of Infections

Loveth: My favourite products are: D Toothpaste, Pad, Pantiliner, Cordycep Coffee Bamboo soap, Energy necklace. Toothpaste stopped Tooth decay problem on my son and prevented mine from developing. Pad Stopped serious menstrual pains on my house help, bamboo soap cleans my skin better, coffee so nice aroma n immediate energy, Necklace Stopped serious head ache.

Angel: My favorites longrich products are Toothpaste, roll on ad calcium. The toothpaste keeps me fresh all day don't need to chew gum any long to have my fresh breath alongside with other products

Oreose: My favorite product is the toothpaste. I used to have sensitive toothpaste and terrible toothache. I have not experienced this since I started using Longrich toothpaste.

Linda: Mine is the panty liner and The sanitary pad the panty liner stopped my menstrual cramps and the pad asborbs very well and makes me so comfortable.

Joy: Mine is the berry oil & liner. Combination of the two made my menstrual period of 11yrs to start flowing very well. For 11yrs I was seeing my period only once a day with little flow. But when I started taking my berry oil & use my liner the story changed.

Longrich is Bae: Pantyliner n toothpaste. All dark stains on my teeth cleared! Pantyliner Hmmmmm plenty testimonies because I feel 100% clean!

Favour: My favourite Longrich products are Pia cup and brawn tea. Pi cup took care of my sleepless nights and brawn tea took care of liver enlargement.

Jesusmyall: Mine is toothpaste - took care of my cousins toothache, n pantiliner n pad - stopped a clients painful period...

Oge: My favorite Longrich products are Calcium & Shampoo. Calcium keeps me free from waist & joint pains, with shampoo no more itching & dandruff.

Asikiya: My products are soap & body cream. The soap keeps my face from being oily. The cream keeps my skin glowing.

Peace: My favourite products are the tooth paste; for taking care of all my dental issues, and panty liner for keeping me clean always under

Rob: A woman in UK who was bound to the wheelchair started walking again to the surprise of her doctors after using the energy shoes. That's my first The second is Arthro already making waves here.

Primecare: I love d coffee and d toothpaste, soap, great products dey all have.

Ruth: The toothpaste is my favourite. No more toothache.

Mfonobong: My best products are: pantyliner & calcium. I put them in my monthly budget. Pantyliner keeps fresh & clean all day. Calcium helps in building my bones. Everyone needs calcium for strong bones & it rebuilds

Onajite: My favorite product is the toothpaste... It painlessly pulled out the pieces of my husband's shattered tooth from its bed and healed the gum.

Babeibi: my favorite products r d tooth paste .which has stoppd m frm goin to d dentist every mths 4 S & P. And d Berry oil dat improved my hormonal bal & Ulcer case

Joy: My favourite products are toothpaste, body wash, bamboo soap, dew n calcium. The dew keeps me fresh all day. The paste gives fresh breath all day. The panty liner is wonderful.

Muna: My favourite products are toothpaste and superbklean sanitary pad. The toothpaste treats my sensitive teeth while the pad enhances my menstrual flow and keep me clean and dry.

Josephine: My favourite products are toothpaste, cream, cup, mosquito repellent, bamsoap, berry oil & coffee.....aah. .. my pots

Ahomy: Soap and toothpaste for live. Both are first aid in my house. Mouth Freshener too. No more cough and sore throat for anyone at home.

Precious: Toothpaste it makes my mouth fresh all day. Panty liner(water therapy) it normalizes my damn stupid sugar level

Abigail: TOOTHPASTE: Its refreshes my breath. My no.1 CORDYCEPS COFFES-It's aroma is wao. SANITARY NAPKINS: It benefits are unquantifiable.

Annie: I don't joke with my Longrich toothpaste, it so freshens my breath. The pad too is my second best cause it normalises my heavy menstrual flow...

Marian: My favourite Longrich products are toothpaste cus it stopped my bleeding gums & toothache & i feel fresh all day long. Pad/panty liner thathelped 2 control my flow & treat infections. Mouth fresher, no more caugh & catarrh. Am enjoying my new makeup set i received as a gift in China. Shampootoo that has given my VIRGIN hair a new look.

Itoro: Toothpaste. Fresh Breath. Pad: the gel is magical for heat rashes on babies. Mouth freshener: clears airways

Jenny: Mine is the bamboo soap,and longrich antiperspirant dew which help my body stay fresh and smell nice all day long

Chioma: Our superbklean pad and our body wash any day any time, are my favorite Longrich products.

Shola: I just love the toothpaste. I never believed there was a toothpaste that could top the toothpaste I have bèen using for more than 15 years. So, I tried the Longrich toothpaste with a lot of scepticism. I was shocked to discover it ticked all boxes and delivers on its promise. The SOD body CREAM is another favourite. I have symptoms of dry skin, so am particular about my creams. I just love the texture and how it moisturises MY skin. My only grouse is that it doesn't come in bigger containers. Hand Cream...... It deserves the numerous awards. The Sanitary napkins/ pantyliner. Calcium Supplements..... I force myself not to overdose on them. Am always popping them into my mouth. So sweet and effective.

Joyce: My favourite Longrich product is the PANTIE LINER.

Dinma: I love the soap. The fragrance is to die for, it tickles my senses. Shampooin particular ain’t always cheap, especially if you insist on buying some that hasn’t been tested on animals (like I try to do). Longrich shampoo makes my hair smell fresh and makes me feel confident, same as the mosquito repellent.

Emem: mine is panty liner andtoothpaste. with panty liner no more infections and sexual pains I can enjoy myself as much as I want and with toothpaste fresh breath no more bleeding gum etc

Amaka: Wow all long rich products are amazing but my best is the white tea multi effect toothpaste amazing. It gives me a fresh mouth, fresh breadth. Am bold to speak at any time of the day without feeling uncomfortable. The toothpaste na baba. I tell everyone that I meet about our toothpaste. Panty linerwhich has helped to shrink the fibroid and the excruciating pain I use to have. It is also very effective for me everyday by reliving stress helping me have a fatigue free day. It's my bullet proof against infections. My second best it's the napkin, the odour it removes and makes me fresh during my period cannot be quantified. It makes me comfortable My third is the Pi cup. It works like the doctor on the go for me.

My cordycep coffee wow. I love the aroma and feel in my mouth. My body wash with its slilky feel and scent. The SOD amazing, My calcium and cordycep militaris. I can only say Thank you Lord for bringing Longrich to us.

Uju: Toothpaste. Its not just for my teeth but for my children skin for any ant bite. It works magic.

Akunna: Toothpaste super duper product. It boosts my confidence when I smile. And cream and Soap makes me glow.

Oluchi: Pi Cup enables me drink immune boosting, body detoxifying alkaline water enriched with anions, zinc, and other vital minerals everywhere I go. Cordyceps coffee: decaffeinated, enriched with cordyceps vitamins and amino acids, boosts immunity. Problem is that am battling with addiction for this product. Berry oil: Improves sight, skin (anti-aging), protects the kidney, prevents ulcers, just love the skin glowing benefits. Body wash: hydrating, deep cleansing formula with sunscreen, anti-bacterial and skin healing properties. Love the awesome scent.

Benedict: Mine is Toothpaste, check out my teeth they are becoming whiterrrr

Felicia: Toothpaste: enables me keep my mouth fresh and bold enough to talk well and also kiss my partner well. Next is Panty liner: it keeps me clean and free from infections. Sanitary Pads: Takes away the pains and I am able to go about my business without fear. Next is the Pi-Cup: I can boldly drink good water and feel safe knowing that the alkaline water is best for me.

Tehilerich: liners, I can't use public toilet without the liners on. Toothpaste: it cures my sensitive teeth problem and itching gum after eating peperish food. Cream, body wash my normal every morning and evening use, smothes the skin and leaves it tender ,fresh and romantic. Coffee calms the nerves at night energizes the body. Ant mosquito body spray the only insecticide that prevents mosquitoes without side effects even when inhaled, and also heals wound. Mouth fresher very good cough and Pad makes me relax and move around when on Roll on Always feeling dry and comfortable ,no matter the amount of Sunshine. Green tea to detoxify my system after every synthetic drug for malaria and Typhoid.

Wordu: Mine is mosquito repellant, I no longer stock under mosquito net at night.

Jane: My favorites are Pad&pantliner (protection from reoccurring infections). Toothpaste,
Nutriv pink and blue, Pi cup, Coffee (addicted), Body wash &hand cream, Repellent (take it everywhere I go ).

Binkyz: Mine is Long Rich bamboo soapit keeps my skin glowing and our multipurpose toothpaste which gives me 24hrs fresh breath.

Elizabeth: The toothpaste has stopped all my teeth problems and the coffeeenables me to be alert and work all night whenever the need arises

Eno: Toothpaste, mosquito repellent, charcoal soap and hand cream I have used and they are beautiful.

Goodluck: My favourites are definitely the body wash and the shampoo... I luv d fragrance of d bodywash n it's refreshing feel on d skin. The 3in1 shampoo is just spot on for my hair.

Chyzzy: My longrich coffee is a sure must every morning & green tea at 9t

Richlaw: Every where around me from house to car to office is longrich  I suffered from teeth sensitivity too ( all my 32 ooo) but the toothpaste has cured that & I ve strangely not visited my dentist since I started using it...my downline performed a miracle one day on my colleague in the office who came to work with swollen mouth & couldn't do any work, he was about being rushed to a dentist when it became too serious...behold longrich toothpaste was applied on the exact tooth that caused the pain & swell for about 10mins & fiammmmm! The pain was gone  I told my down line before then I performed the toothpaste miracle on my neighbor so she decided to try hers & the toothpaste didn't fall my hand  in fact we ve been nick named miracle workers in my office 🤣🤣 all because right after that I did the alkaline/acid water test & they were all amazed ...I ve also stopped putting chewing gums in my hand bag to freshen my mouth after food since I started using the mouth freshener, aside the cough it relieves, plus stops d urge to vomit especially when my kids take drugs...let me just drop this small one first because longrich products that I use are quite many

Doris: Oil berry, arthro, wine calcium for healthy living, cured my arthritis people!

Doris: Hmmmm. .Myself and family members use the soap, my little 3.5 years son keeps reminding me about brushing teeth (of course he wants to lick a part of the paste in the name of my brushing his teeth, my lovely roll on is lovely, the SOD cream always have its way too on my skin and that of my son, the shampoo na wa o, I used it once and started being stingy with it , I dey use am small small now...It is very rich, not forgetting my panty liner and beautiful sanitary napkin, (i gave my employer the napkin and she got to work today and said 'Doris I am wearing the sanitary napkin you gave me, why is it different? I did not lick on my car seat' , I am just about trying the mouth freshertomorrow, and the mengquain fertility supplement I recommended for a friend has WORKED! ! ..Yours truly may try it too o ...My coffee is great...Powerful product...I used the slimming tea last year but i had to stop because it did work, (my hips were going inside ...i still need am o..).. My employer is using the slimming tea now to get her stomach down and am glad to say there is a difference now. I am looking forward t to trying out more products...

Atsuah: Almost all the products are my favorite. The paste, soap, SOD cream, roll-on, shampoo for my long and silky hair with out dandruff. Just carry go, Longrich has given me a more beautiful and natural look. Ogini nafio? Longrich nnukwu mawu

Roseline: I like all the products but the toothpaste, bamboo soap and panty liner are just too good .

Stella: I love the bamboo soap and sod body cream. Green tea,the baba toothpaste my girls even use it as cleanser on their faces,it removes pimples so well.

Emelike: The toothpaste takes away all form of ache from the tooth. It's awesome

Elizabeth: My best Longrich products are the toothpaste, gives a super clean and fresh breath throughout the day. Second is the black soap. I was light slight skinned, just toned i mean, had used crusader for over two decades. Last year, i decided to stop the use of mercury in all its form. Started changing soap and cream until someone recommended Kojic soap...used a tablet of the orange one, lost my complexion completely, people around started complaining especially family members. Switched to the milk colored, appeared to do some restoration, only start seeing eczema on my face. I could not imagine it and decided to try our Longrich black soap. In just two weeks, I was amazed, i noticed my original skin began restoring...as i speak, it is just three weeks and now and my skin has completely been restored, i am shocked and amazed, that soap does wonders, it is like magic, I am so happy.......i thank my boss for introducing and sponsoring me in Longrich, long live Longrich and all Longrichers......

Bridget: Mine is the Longrich Panty liner. Before now, i used to itch on a monthly basis - before or after my period. Hmm... It was always so inconveniencing. Now, i cannot remember the last time I had the itching sensation. It is now a thing of the past.

Unknown: My favorite products are panty liners and toothpaste, panty liners gives me energy, stops my lack of strength, toothpaste stops my tooth shock

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